My God Wears Gucci


I am searching for God without Religion.

Once upon a time we were all innocent, pure and loving little beings. We came into this world with primal intelligence full of love, trust and faith. We gave of our love freely, we put our trust in the ones closest to us and we had faith that all our needs would be met. We then journeyed through life and became shaped by the people, places and ideas that surrounded us.

Religion is part of what we were taught. As children we were guided to have faith in the collective belief system of those closest to us. This was done with loving intentions.

As we reach adulthood we have the ability to consciously decide what beliefs and ideas work for us and which are better left in the past.

There may come a time in your life that you decide organised religion is no longer for you, as I did, but that does not mean you have to give up on God. In the wise words of John Lennon- “I believe in God, but not as one thing, not as an old man in the sky. I believe that what people call God is something in all of us. I believe that what Jesus and Mohammed and Buddha and all the rest said was right. It’s just that the translations have gone wrong.”

Whatever you call the source and intelligence of all life is entirely personal. Words have no meaning other than that to which we give them. Sometimes words can mean one thing to one person and something entirely different to another. What matters is that you acknowledge there is a force that powers your existence and that you are a small part of something truly magnificent. We are all united by life and when you truly love life, you naturally gravitate towards peace, harmony and acceptance.

I do believe in God despite the fact I do not subscribe to one religion in particular. Which leads me to the title of my blog ‘My God Wears Gucci’. The purpose of the title is to break away from stereotypes and also breakthrough the idea that material objects can somehow stand in the way of being a spiritual person.

The way I am choosing to worship God, or if you prefer the source and intelligence of life, is to live my life authentically; To enjoy each moment mindfully, give love to myself and everyone around me near or far, to pursue my passions in the face of fear and be brave enough to believe, hope and have faith in the greater good, despite all reason to believe the opposite.

Spirituality exists outside of religion and we are all capable of experiencing sacred moments in the most unconventional places. It is entirely reliant upon the awareness we bring to the moment and the intention we set. Giving up on all semblance of spirituality because you do not find one particular doctrine that suits you is not the way. Create a spiritual path that enriches your life and respect others have the right to choose another path entirely.

I believe when we connect to the source and intelligence of all life, we turn reality into something truly magical. We see beyond the trivial details of our everyday experience and recognise the incredible nature of life. We go beyond thought to the place of silent stillness where there is nothing and everything all at once.

Next time you look up to the sky think about this and see if you experience it differently. Set the intention of having a sacred moment. See beyond the labels and expectations you have and truly look at it with the fresh eyes of the pure, innocent and loving being you once were.

Love and magic

Carlii xx


The day I stopped comparing myself to a Supermodel

Working with a world-leading supermodel can wreak havoc on your levels of self-esteem. Or at least it did on mine.


In my case I was up close and personal to an incredibly stunning, intelligent and powerful woman of whom I was constantly comparing myself to. I would feel myself shrink every time I was in her presence, not because of anything she said or did but because I made myself feel small.

I even remember declining opportunities to go dancing or attend private parties with my client because I knew I would end up feeling like the unattractive tag along. Again it was nothing that she said or did; it was all in my head and quite frankly a lack of self-esteem.

That was of course until a very close friend of mine snapped me out of my ‘poor me’ comparison coma. I will always remember her words.

On this particular morning I was hosting an intimate breakfast for my client with a group of high profile beauty editors. My friend was one of the guests.

The way I would deal with my shrunken self would be to put on my Miss Professional persona. If I was never going to be beautiful enough then I thought I better do what I can to look as intelligent as possible. In the rush of the morning and with that in mind, I was not focused on my appearance.

As guests started to arrive and I mentally prepared my welcome speech, my dear friend pulled me aside and said- “for god’s sake go and put on some red lipstick. Stop trying to make yourself invisible.”

Now before anyone accuses my friend of being anti feminist, it really had nothing to do with the lipstick. My friend could see straight through the game I was playing and she would not stand to watch me play it. I was feeding my insecurities and she loved me enough to call it.

Did things change after that?

Absolutely. In fact only months later I hosted a product launch for my client and I turned up not only wearing red lipstick but also in a new red dress. It was Valentines Day and I was learning to love myself again. I vividly remember walking up to my friend and saying, “look I am wearing my red lipstick” and to that she replied “and shall you always wear red lipstick”, we both understood the metaphor.

Theodore Roosevelt was quoted saying ‘Comparison is the thief of all joy’ and I agree with that wholeheartedly.

Once we reach adulthood we are all personally responsible for our own level of self-esteem. No one can give it to us nor take it away unless we give them the power to do so. The moment you stop comparing yourself to others is the moment you acknowledge that being yourself is life’s ultimate achievement.

Love and magic

Carlii xxx

I am a Spiritual Person who loves wearing Louboutins


I recently attended a three-day spiritual retreat on the Sunshine coast. I left my husband and two kids to manage without me, hoping the sticky notes placed all over the house would help them survive. Given my husband is more organised than I ever hope to be and a better cook, I was fairly confident they would.

I had been dreaming of going on a retreat for some time and as luck would have it, a friend of mine offered me a ticket as a gift. The event featured several talks given by Eckart Tolle and promised to Awaken Presence. Sleep, silence and a hot lavender bath is generally all I need to awaken presence so the fact I got to travel to the sunny Sunshine coast, stay in a resort and listen to a spiritual guru was simply a big shiny bonus.

Self help retreats and seminars played a huge part in my life and career in my early 20’s. If I wasn’t there as a participant, I was usually representing the speaker and/or event organiser. I feel very blessed to of had the opportunity to be surrounded by so many insightful beings sharing inspired information. One rather interesting thing I began to notice at these events was the crowd generally looked the same. I had the same thought at my recent weekend sojourn. There seems to be a style that represents someone who is spiritually inclined.

I have to admit back then and even now, I start to question whether I can be a spiritual person if I tend to gravitate to European designers and invest heavily in designer heels. I wondered if my love for material things was some how standing in the way of my spiritual development. You see I am a typical Pisces, if you are not familiar with astrological signs; Pisces is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. One side of me is a designer clad, diamond-loving beauty queen (in my own world of course); and the other, is my tree loving yoga going make up free hippy type. Naturally I labeled one as my ‘ego’ and the other as my spiritual self.

Truth is they are both products of my self-concept or in self-help speak, my ‘ego’. Both are also equally spiritual because the core of who I am, despite the mask I wear on any given day, is unchanging. It is my essence, my spirit, and the same spirit that resides within you.

No matter who you are, how you dress, where you live, what you look like and what you enjoy doing, you are a spiritual person. You do not need to change a thing to awaken to that truth and allow a little bit of the sacred into your world.

What we must remember is at the core of everyone; irrespective of external appearances is the life force that connects us all. It is the light that is unaffected by the choices we make. It is ever present and ever shining. To truly love yourself is to recognise and honor that light. To truly love another person is to recognise and honor that light.

The question then of how to become more spiritual is null and void. The real question is how do I connect with that light within me? If you are looking for peace, love and serenity, that is where you will find it…….and if you ever are looking for nice shoes just let me know and I can help you find those also!

Love and magic

Carlii xxx

Two months at a Health Retreat and the Merry Widow


In my late teens I was fortunate enough to spend nearly two months living at Eden (formerly named Camp Eden), an exclusive health retreat located in the luscious hinterland of Queensland (Australia). I was taking part in a work experience program whereby one week I stayed as a guest and the remaining time I worked in all areas of the business.

No TV, no mobile, no sugar and definitely no alcohol for two months is a life changing proposition to say the least. It offered me a rare opportunity to disconnect from what we call ‘reality’ and connect with my mind, body and soul on a very deep level. 

The retreat attracted an eclectic mix of people and at up to $7000 to attend the week long program, many of the individuals were burnt out executives, celebrities, athletes and well to do men and women hoping to find a solution to their stress, health issues, injuries and/or general unhappiness.

I loved watching each week as the new arrivals sat quietly in the communal lunch area maintaining their airs and graces. By the end of the week they were all glowing and bonded on such a deep level they seemed to be the best of friends. It made me wonder how much joy and connection we miss out on keeping up appearances or worse still shutting people out based on false perceptions.

I was reminded of this lesson again recently….

I was at a party and I watched as a slight but striking blonde woman in her forties walked into the room. She was beautiful and I immediately admired her outfit making a mental note of her designer jacket and shoes. My first impression was that she had expensive taste.

After watching her interact with others and having experienced only a brief moment of eye contact, I had summed her up as being an uptight gossip and desperate housewives of Beverly Hills type. Without even meeting her I had convinced myself that she was not my sort of person and it was best to steer clear.

It is not easy to admit I was being so judgmental but the only way to grow is to bring awareness to your thoughts and behavior. It is also the only way for me to clearly portray the gravity of the lesson I learnt.

As the night lingered on and the pain of wearing high heels became unbearable, I sought refuge inside by the fireplace. In no time at all the striking blonde woman I thought I knew well was sitting by my side. I could not help but talk to her and I am so grateful I did.

In the next thirty minutes everything I thought I knew was thrown out the window. I would learn from this gorgeous, warm and bubbly woman that her husband had died suddenly after a tragic accident. That she had been left with two children and that she was planning to move north to start her life again. She was at the party and doing her absolute best to let go and enjoy herself because she knew it was what her husband would of wanted. With tears in my eyes I gave her a big hug and let her know how inspired I was by her story.

To say I was floored is an understatement. I had been so wrong on every level and had it not been for our accidental encounter, I would have missed out on meeting a truly remarkable human being. I intend to remind myself of the experience anytime I feel the need to concoct a story in my head about someone before I even meet them properly.

I believe the following quote sums it up perfectly- ‘If you Judge People you have no Time to Love Them’- Anonymous. 

Love and magic

Carlii xxx