The Unconditional Friendship

They say friends come and go but true friends last forever. What does it take to be a true friend?


With all the chaos that is unfolding around the world, the one thing that has been thrown into the spotlight is the importance of our loved ones. We have been called to evaluate what is important in life and in some ways that is the great blessing at the heart of all the suffering.


The idea of ‘Unconditional Friendship’ has weighed on my mind recently. There is one particular friendship I have, that has become somewhat confusing. I have known this woman for over a decade and in that time we have witnessed much change in each other’s lives.


She is a few years older than me and I have to admit when I first met her I looked to her as a mentor. She had achieved (in fabulous fashion) precisely what I was striving for at that time of my life- career success and financial independence.


If you would of asked me how to describe her when we first met, and for quite a few years after; it would be conservative, elegant, powerful, well put together and completely in control of herself and everything around her.


Recently we have both experienced big changes in our personal universe. I feel as though today she can be best described as a born again teenager, pushing all boundaries and rebelling against convention. My world today revolves around my family, my yoga practice and my spiritual journey. In essence we are both exploring different aspects of ourselves.


Not only are we living in completely different worlds, we speak a different language and I am not sure we really understand one another anymore. In my twenties, I would have come to the conclusion that it was time to walk away and let go of what once was. The thing is I still love her and at her core, her spirit has remained unchanged.


Through the journey of our lives, we might choose to try on different roles, change certain aspects of ourselves and explore new ways of being in the world. One would hope, as long as we are not hurting our self or others, that our true friends would support us along the way.


I am choosing to stand by my friend, I am choosing to embrace her changes and I am choosing to offer my unconditional friendship. I might not always agree with her decisions but let’s be honest, will there ever be a person we will always agree with?


If we were to live by the rule ‘you get what you give’, we would treat our friends as we want to be treated. 


I could think of nothing worse than remaining exactly the same for my entire life. We are here to learn, grow, evolve and along the way we may not always appear to be the same person. Whatever path we choose, we will all end up on the doorstep to the next world. How beautiful would it be to know the people around you at that point have stood by you and shared it all. The ups, the downs and all the crazy roundabouts in between.


Love and magic

Carlii xxx


First comes Self Love then comes Marriage


I spent pretty much my entire 20’s looking and waiting for a knight in shining armor….

I was never a girl who dreamt of a big white wedding however I was adamant I would not be entirely happy until I had a ring on my finger. It was as if I would only be complete when I was someone’s chosen one. Certainly allot of pressure to put on another person.

I shamefully admit there were many times I would meet a guy and within weeks I would be signing my name with their surname to see if it sounded right. Again another manifestation of me thinking I was incomplete just as me.

Even in the professional arena, client pitches would end up turning into dates as I would never dream of letting a professional persona stand between me and the potential Mr Right. Just thinking about it makes me feel exhausted and I am sure there are other women and men who can relate to this.

I did find the love of my life but I rescued myself first  

Being his chosen one is an honor beyond compare however I soon discovered that being my chosen one is essential to feeling whole and complete. I also came to realise that depending on a partner to be your primary source of love and self-esteem is futile. It is unfair to put that level of expectation on another person who is ultimately on their own journey of loving and accepting themselves. Loving each other is healthy; being needy of one another’s love on the other hand is not.

I do love being married however funnily enough I did not give up my surname (despite the fact he has a beautiful surname). My name is my own and it is me who he married. I am not someone else now that I am married. I am the same woman sharing my life with a tall dark and handsome man whom I love. 

The relationship with Self is the one that counts most

I believe the more you love and give to yourself, the more you have to give to the ones you love.

I am reminded of the importance of this life lesson as I prepare to farewell my Mother who is travelling alone to Europe to walk the Camino de Santiago. My mother is in her 50’s. 

If you were to have asked her 20 years ago where she would be now, she would of replied- “married in a nice house with my husband and grandchildren as regular guests”. She could never imagine that she would be divorced, studying later in life and traveling the world solo. 

When I say traveling the world, I do not mean peering out the window of a 5 star hotel, instead my mother chooses to go to a place and immerse herself as a local. It has lead her to many life enriching experiences and even life threatening moments, all of which she knows in her heart were meant to be. My mother is one of the bravest women I know and I am not sure she will ever truly understand how much I look up to her.

Am I suggesting this is about the fragility of marriage as an institution?

No. I am suggesting that life at the best of times is unexpected and ultimately the only person that is guaranteed to be with you to the very end is you. If that is the case, you might as well learn to love yourself and know that if one day you end up walking the Camino de Santiago, you will be just as happy with someone by your side as you would be walking alone.

Love and Magic

Carlii xxx