What Miranda Kerr taught me about Self Love?


The first 5 years operating my PR consultancy was wonderful and filled with so many memorable experiences. Some of the most unforgettable include being involved in the worldwide launch of ‘The Secret’, living in Asia working with a leading Spa & Wellness Magazine and conducting an exclusive book launch on ‘The World’.

At the time my younger brother was traveling the world modelling and falling in love with a fellow model I only knew as Miranda.

Miranda who was relatively unknown at the time had just commenced doing some work for lingerie mammoth Victoria’s Secret. This was extremely exciting news so I volunteered to help with her personal PR. Little did I know she was on the precipice of international fame.

Bare with me this is not intended to be a big name dropping exercise, I am getting somewhere with this.

I was lucky enough to work with Miranda Kerr for 7 years as she rose to fame and it was a fascinating journey indeed. Everything she touched turned to gold and I had a glimpse of the ‘yes’ world celebrities live in.

It was absolutely intoxicating and I cannot deny I did enjoy the benefits. I was on the invite list to all the best parties and I could call any editor and get through the proverbial gatekeeper without so much as saying ‘Hi it is Carlii Lyon, Miranda Kerr’s publicist’. It was a PR fantasy come true.

Here now I come to the point of the blog. After I gave birth to my second child I decided my time had come to stop working and focus on my children. I wanted to be present in their formative years and I knew intuitively it was the right thing to do. With a client as international as Miranda there is absolutely no such thing as normal working hours. I passed the reins onto my sometimes friend, sometimes rival Annie Kelly (I say that with love) and closed the Miranda chapter of my life.

Suddenly I was jolted out of the yes world and into the isolation of being at home with two children. As I made my crash landing into a new reality I was also confronted with the sudden disappearance of many friends and colleagues. I slowly came to terms with the fact they had been in my life for what I did rather than who I was.

This was a life-changing gift in disguise as it made me look long and hard at myself. I have always believed to know a person you only have to look at the people they surround themselves with. I had to admit to myself that I had also become a person who collected friends and colleagues based upon what they did and how they could serve me.

The whole process was liberating. Add to that I married a man who had himself enjoyed international success but still maintained the ability to enjoy the company of a garbage man the same as he would the CEO of a large company. He saw the person for who they were rather than what they did.

The lesson I learnt is as follows- In this lifetime you may play a multitude of roles however there is an aspect of yourself that will remain the same. It is that timeless essence that we must all pay attention to. When you love yourself for who you are, you will naturally attract people into your life that love you for you. They are the ones who will be there to enjoy the whole journey, not just the highs. When you find those special individuals love them for who they are and invest the time and effort into their life. You not only get what you give; the process of giving brings incredible joy.

Love and magic

Carlii xxx

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