I am a Spiritual Person who loves wearing Louboutins


I recently attended a three-day spiritual retreat on the Sunshine coast. I left my husband and two kids to manage without me, hoping the sticky notes placed all over the house would help them survive. Given my husband is more organised than I ever hope to be and a better cook, I was fairly confident they would.

I had been dreaming of going on a retreat for some time and as luck would have it, a friend of mine offered me a ticket as a gift. The event featured several talks given by Eckart Tolle and promised to Awaken Presence. Sleep, silence and a hot lavender bath is generally all I need to awaken presence so the fact I got to travel to the sunny Sunshine coast, stay in a resort and listen to a spiritual guru was simply a big shiny bonus.

Self help retreats and seminars played a huge part in my life and career in my early 20’s. If I wasn’t there as a participant, I was usually representing the speaker and/or event organiser. I feel very blessed to of had the opportunity to be surrounded by so many insightful beings sharing inspired information. One rather interesting thing I began to notice at these events was the crowd generally looked the same. I had the same thought at my recent weekend sojourn. There seems to be a style that represents someone who is spiritually inclined.

I have to admit back then and even now, I start to question whether I can be a spiritual person if I tend to gravitate to European designers and invest heavily in designer heels. I wondered if my love for material things was some how standing in the way of my spiritual development. You see I am a typical Pisces, if you are not familiar with astrological signs; Pisces is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. One side of me is a designer clad, diamond-loving beauty queen (in my own world of course); and the other, is my tree loving yoga going make up free hippy type. Naturally I labeled one as my ‘ego’ and the other as my spiritual self.

Truth is they are both products of my self-concept or in self-help speak, my ‘ego’. Both are also equally spiritual because the core of who I am, despite the mask I wear on any given day, is unchanging. It is my essence, my spirit, and the same spirit that resides within you.

No matter who you are, how you dress, where you live, what you look like and what you enjoy doing, you are a spiritual person. You do not need to change a thing to awaken to that truth and allow a little bit of the sacred into your world.

What we must remember is at the core of everyone; irrespective of external appearances is the life force that connects us all. It is the light that is unaffected by the choices we make. It is ever present and ever shining. To truly love yourself is to recognise and honor that light. To truly love another person is to recognise and honor that light.

The question then of how to become more spiritual is null and void. The real question is how do I connect with that light within me? If you are looking for peace, love and serenity, that is where you will find it…….and if you ever are looking for nice shoes just let me know and I can help you find those also!

Love and magic

Carlii xxx

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