The Gift of Anonymity and the Half Naked Man in Soho


I knew as soon as I saw him that I wanted to move to New York.

There he was in his underwear, body painted in a peculiar manner, wearing a magnificent Native American Indian headpiece.

If you are wondering whether I fell in love with this remarkable individual, the answer is no. I fell in love with the fact he was walking through Soho and not one head turned in disbelief. He was in a city that allowed him to be precisely who he wanted to be with no judgment or perhaps simply no time to pay him attention. Either way he was free.

Within months I had packed up my things in Sydney and headed over to the big apple. I was blessed to be able to move in with my brother who at the time was living in a large loft in Chelsea. While most people complain of tiny living space in New York, this apartment was enormous and the venue for many an impromptu party.

It was a great time in my life and one I will cherish forever. Just like the half naked man in Soho, I felt free to explore the vast city and in doing so gain greater insight into myself. Whatever you are looking for you can find in New York (and I should add, I was fully dressed the whole time).

One of the greatest gifts of living in such a big and international city is the opportunity to meet so many incredible individuals from all over the world. One friend I made was a musician in his 30’s who had recently divorced from a very high profile Actress. He had achieved worldwide success earlier in his career but later was essentially living in the shadows of his wife (or should I say Ex wife).

This particular friend taught me a lesson I will never forget.

As we enjoyed a leisurely stroll through the West Village and chatted about life, my friend announced that the one thing he missed the most during his marriage was his anonymity. He went on to explain the pressure of public scrutiny and how private moments were never really private at all.

It made me think how so many of us consider fame as a measure of success and strive to be recognised; yet here he was talking about being anonymous like it was a gift.

My perception of being ‘anonymous’ was in that moment completely transformed. I suddenly acknowledged the freedom many of us take for granted in the fact we are unknown.

You may be wondering why a publicist is promoting anonymity. I am not. My hope is that at least one person will read this and change their internal conversation from being- ‘I am unknown, there for I am not a success’ to- ‘I enjoy being unknown and relish in the freedom of it’.

While I do aspire for great success, thanks to my friend I no longer have the idea of fame and public recognition up on a pedestal. I also now realise I can be who ever I want to be no matter where I am living. I just need courage to be myself. I am open to all experiences and opportunities though my greatest measure of success is self-love and authenticity.

So to all the fellow unknown beings out there in the world, I say we enjoy our anonymity and take more chances in creatively expressing ourselves. In doing so we may inspire others to do the same just like that half naked man inspired me.

Love and magic

Carlii xxx

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