It is not who you know, but who you are that counts most….


“So do you have the contacts?”

I sat there quietly reflecting on the best way to answer his question.

Would I tell him I was only 22 (I looked older), fresh out of college and had never worked in an agency? Would I tell him that he would be my first client ever and that I did not know one journalist or that my only experience in PR was via a textbook?

After taking a moment to seriously consider my answer I responded by saying-


I lied. I was young and incredibly ambitious and a series of serendipitous events had led me to an opportunity to pitch to one of my favorite speakers. He was internationally recognised in the arena of wellness and personal development and I was his biggest fan.

Some might say it was irresponsible for me to do what I did and that it lacked integrity. Scariest thing of all is if a 22 year old came to me today and said they were planning to do what I did, I would possibly try to discourage them. I would honestly be inclined to tell them they were being unrealistic and did not have the experience to do the job.

Why is that scary?

Because that one white lie led to a very successful 7 year long working relationship. I achieved incredible results for that particular client and even ended up traveling to the US to consult to his head office team. We worked on many exciting projects together and to this day I count him as a close friend. Extended maternity leave was the only reason we stopped working together.

Had I not let my blind courage lead me through that conversation, I would have missed out on a truly exciting chapter in my career. Looking back I justify the lie I told knowing I would of, and did do, everything in my power to ensure I got the results. I went to every length to make the contacts I needed and I dedicated myself to getting the work done. I knew somewhere deep inside myself that I could do the job if only I was given the opportunity. 

Over a decade has passed and I now have the know-how and the contacts though I miss the fearlessness that comes with having no experience. When I catch myself being realistic it scares me more than anything else. I hope there are many more moments in my life where I am guided only by my passion and intuition.

We have all heard the saying where there is a will there is a way and I would add where there is passion there is magic.

Love and magic

Carlii xxx




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